When was BMW founded?

1916 was year when BMW was founded. That was the year when this big and powerful company was born. Today, almost 100 years after it was established, BMW is one of top German luxury car manufacturers.  At the beginning BMW wasn’t manufacturing cars. They were aircraft engine manufacturer. But, after World War I they just had to change product they are manufacturing because not many people were interested about aircraft engines in these years. Their company managers decided to start motorcycle production. As we saw lately, that was good decision. Even today BMW is very famous for their motorcycle. They are well designed, real eye catchers with absolutely great performances.

bmw7 german luxury car

bmw7 german luxury car

12 years after it was established, in 1928 BMW produced it’s first car. BMW’s first car was named Dixie. Selling results weren’t  as good as they excepted. They were even thinking about permanent production suspending. When everyone excepted suspending of production, company’s managers bring up some very surprising decision : they made contracts for production of English roadster Austin Seven. Selling result were really great. Over 6000 cars was sold, that was perfect result in that time.

Now, BMW is still one of top car manufacturers. It is also member of German Big 3 car manufacturers, along with Mercedes and Audi. BMW is well known for their cars and motorcycles. Their quality, reliability, safety and great design is what makes them so popular.

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  1. RNR Automotive Blog · October 23, 2014

    Nicely written! Can’t wait to see what you write about next. I do a lot of car reviews on BMWs, Mercedes, and Audis on my blog, so I share your enthusiasm for German cars. Good job!


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